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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Winning Formulae To Save A Troubled Relationship

Self Help Book on Saving a RelationshipIn the days when marriage is increasingly considered an obsolete, redundant institution, It is really heart-warming to find people who still care enough to try and save their troubled relationship. It is sad when a loving relationship, that you consider your life-breath, crumbles to a stage where it needs resuscitation. However, there is a lot that can be salvaged given a sincere effort and desire. Walking away is the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge your own faults and show a mirror to your partner.

I've been married 13 years now and no matter how madly we feel in love, life isn't always sweet, happy and romantic. We take offences, we disagree, we have our spats and at times they turn nasty. But one thing we try not doing...stop talking. One of my regular readers, Jane Philips (pardon me the mention Jane) recently wrote why I so often reiterate that I am married for 13 years. Well, it gives me a feel that my wife is part of my work and a kick to my confidence for being a long-term survivor (Wifey should not read this post I guess :). Anyways, the point is that communication gaps can fuel a simple altercation till it becomes a serious conflict. When people don't talk to each other they talk to themselves. And most often all they tell themselves is that their partner just does not care. Often you can't just go and force a conversation. You need a method when dealing with a lot of madness. We Can Work It Out is a book that is all about resolving conflicts and saving your marriage.

We Can Work It Out is not just inspired text. This book is based on extensive research on what makes people happy and unhappy in their relationships. The book helps you understand what's wrong in a relationship and then guides you how to resolve the issues through strategies tried and tested by psychologists and counselors the world over. In fact this is about as good as consulting a real counselor...especially when your partner refuses to be even dragged there by force. This book not only helps you troubleshoot an knotty relationship, it also helps you keep your marriage divorce-proof (amen!) even if you are facing no such issues as of now. As they say, the best precaution is prevention of course. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Book on Winning Back Your LoveBefore I sign off for today, let me tell you about another very potent book I found on relationships. This one is about winning back an estranged lover. Bring Back The Love Of Your Life is a lean book of practical strategies to deal quickly and effectively with problems like infidelity issues, indifferent partner, frequent fights and avoiding a potential divorce. So God forbid if you are drifting apart, start getting closer now. Check it out!

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