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Thursday, June 19, 2008

DIY Dog Potty Training

I don't know which time of the day or night you are going through this post, but I do hope you didn't see this just after biting into your sandwich. It's holiday season in India and I am just back from two days of pure hell. My cousin recently adopted a dog from a rescue shelter for abandoned canines. He already has two handsome German Shepherds in his house, but a chance visit to this animal shelter somehow made him take home this local crossbreed. One thing he realized very soon after taking the dog home was that it was not housetrained. Within hours it had marked almost every piece of furniture that stood on any sorts of legs. While the German Shepherds growled, the new addition merrily went about marking curtains and relieving itself on rugs and couches.

Now my cousin has experience in hand rearing pups for many years, but one whole week later he had not an iota of an idea what to do with his new dog that went around soiling and spoiling with a very business like purpose. By the time I landed up at his place last week, his well behaved German Shepherds were also getting into the act. It was near impossible to go around barefoot and extremely perilous to sink into a seat without inspecting where you are landing your ass. I love dogs, but those were two absolutely nauseating, stinking, mucky days. This is the reason my first post after a long holiday is not about anything more exotic than dog poo!

book on dog housetrainingHere it is. Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide. If you have a similar problem with your dog, do take a look at this book. If you are planning to bring in your first dog, you MUST take a look at this book. Having a pet is a very lovely, de-stressing experience. So it better be that way. There are better reasons to go nuts or bananas than fretting over doggy shit.