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Friday, February 29, 2008

Create and Use Subliminal Messages to Your Advantage

book on creating subliminal messages Subliminal messages are subtle signals or messages embedded in a communication so that they can not be identified through our normal limits of perception. Though subliminal messages are not perceptible to the conscious mind, they are known to register in our subconscious and later affect out actions and opinions. Some people refer to subliminal messages as a grey area between the art of hypnosis and the science of brain programming.

The concept of subliminal messages was first put forth by E. W. Scripture in his book The New Psychology, published in 1898. The idea is still debated, but the fact that it is widely put to use in the advertising and entertainment industry firmly establishes that it works. I was rather amazed to know that brand sales of products like cola, coffee and popcorn have gone up my millions just by flashing 2-3 word subliminal messages for 100 milliseconds during movie shows. Nobody read them, but many people suddenly had an urge to grab a drink or dip into a packet of popcorn. You want to read up more about the idea? Go here.

I did my reading and came across plenty of books. Then I found this Subliminal Black Book Package. What makes this different from the usual deal is that it doesn’t just exhaustively talk about the history of subliminal messages (they invented Wikipedia for such prized information). This package allows you to create you own custom subliminal recordings to subconsciously affect your own self…or those around you. You can use it to quit an addiction, improve your confidence and memory, boost that weight-loss program you are on, attract partners, make visitors return to your website, get that job promotion you’ve been wanting and even control others so they can never lie to you or buy your stuff! The package comes with studio-quality multi-tracking software that allows you to burn your own recordings. What’s more…once you have bought it, it’s completely yours to resell over and over again! That’s like eating you cake and having it too! You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to Handle the Problem of Infidelity in Relationships

book on infidelity problemsRomance is the essence of a healthy, satisfying married life. However, increasingly people are seeking it outside their existing relationship. Numerous studies suggest that even with people who got married after being madly in love, the desire for a new fling inevitably surfaces after a few years…or in some cases even months. Finding a person attractive is a natural human instinct. However, when you are in a relationship there is a fine line between being playfully appreciative and cheating.

Divorce rates are rising worldwide (see and every single divorce takes its toll on at least one partner (if not both) and of course the children who face enormous trauma for no fault of theirs. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of broken marriages. Latest studies suggest that 50-60% of all married men and 45-55% of all married women engage in extramarital affairs at one time or another. This issue must be handled carefully, whether you decide to walk away or save your marriage.

Here is a book written by Dr Reena Sommer, PhD in Psychology and Family Studies and a practicing Relationship and Divorce Consultant. This book can help you spot early warning signs of infidelity and take proactive measures to mend the damage before it’s too late. It also helps you collect yourself if you are already going through this difficult time and regain your self-esteem and confidence to take a suitable step. This can also help you keep that spice alive in your relationship so your partner has no reason to get distracted. I found this a complete package to avoid, handle and get over the ordeal of infidelity. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finding the Root Cause of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Book on OCDDo you know anybody who is in the habit of continuous nail biting, excessive double-checking and recounting, obsessed about cleaning, ordering and arranging things or into excessive praying or even excessive washing of hands? Chances are, that person suffers from an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Often such habits of people are dismissed by friends and family as mild eccentricities. In reality, these are little understood and widely prevalent anxiety disorders collectively termed by doctors as OCDs.

People suffering from an OCD have recurrent, impulsive thoughts and doubts that they cannot ignore. These thoughts and doubts quickly build up into a state of excessive stress and they feel an uncontrollable urge to do activities like nail biting or continuous cleaning etc to relieve their stress level. The habit becomes a vicious cycle. The more such people are made conscious of their habit and the more they try to stop, the more stressed out they get and the more they want to do it.

When I started reading up I found that an OCD is actually a symptom of a deep underlying fear. This is the reason why people who show symptoms of OCDs often suffer from phobias, panic attacks, depression and morbid fears of rejection or failure. They usually have a low self-esteem and may not like to socialize at all or too often. Cures are many…from prescribed drugs to alternative medicine like homeopathy and therapeutic procedures like acupuncture, meditation or psychiatric treatment. However, there is no one solution to everybody’s problem simple because every person may have his or her unique inherent fears fuelling the OCD symptoms.

Here is a book written by a fellow OCD sufferer who found a way to get to the root cause of OCDs. This is not about medicines or meditation. This is about a tested way that a person can use to identify the primary cause of what is making him or her behave in a strange fashion. Once you find the root cause, it becomes so much easier to break the vicious cycle of an OCD and lead a more normal life. I found this a must-recommend here. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Create a Hotselling eBook in 8 Easy Steps

Are you planning to write an ebook and sell it on the Internet? Are you planning to do this for a period of time say a couple of months or years now? Do you wish you did more than just planning? Good! You are part of probably the largest group of literate, internet-savvy humans striving for a common goal. Pun apart, people have made seriously huge amount of money writing and selling ebooks. They should actually have a show about that on How Do They Do It?

Writing I believe is one rare vocation that the largest percentage of human population can lay claim of. We can all write…to varying degrees of finesse, perfection and success. Like all creative expressions most attributes of writing are subjective - unless you talk about MLA, APA or Harvard styles – and that actually helps. I personally feel that we can all author a masterpiece for our own reading pleasure and quite love it. The problems start cropping up when you try and write for an audience. I would love to write a 500-page book on How to Get a Person Hopping Mad in 5 Seconds, but if I hope to sell it I better be more careful about what actually sells and in what format.

More than packaging and selling, just putting together your thoughts and getting organized enough to write is quite a tall order. This is the reason I found this particular product quite interesting. Won't you love to find a way that can help you get your writing project rolling, get step-by-setp assistance to find a good title to your creation, put your thoughts on paper, organize your material, have some nice tools to craft your ebook, jazz it up with visuals and wrap it up in one elegant format. If you looking for something like this, here is a ‘Guide to Write an eBook in 8 Easy Steps.’ What I like best about this digital dossier is that it combines video tutorials, packaging and styling software and information on legalities and disclaimers etc in one convenient package. All the information you need to start and complete your much planned ebook! You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thinking of What to Sell on Ebay? How about Old Newspapers and Magazines!

Believe me I have made money selling off old newspapers and magazines, but even the trash buyer carefully picked out the ripped ones. So no wonder finding this ebook completely zapped me! I never thought I could make money tearing up my ever-increasing stash of old publications and more so by selling that stuff on eBay!

This ebook is written by Avril Harper, an eBay powerseller (three-times-over) and editor of the newsletter eBay Confidential. Going through the details I was in morbid fear of finding that one phrase that is a screeching horn to a scam - "No Investment Required". Thank God I didn't find it. So you need her eBook, a few dollars to advertise on eBay and a few hours to put in regularly every week. The concept is mind-boggling till it stands revealed. The actual work is amazingly simple and yes profitable too!

This simple idea is not limited to publications or people from a particular geography. It applies all across the board (or the Globe I should say). So whichever part of the world you come from, you can profit from this idea. The eBook is very user friendly and even helps those who don't have the faintest idea about how and what to sell on eBay. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick Weightloss Without Starving

Book on Carb Rotation DietIt’s wedding season in this part of the world. Every year when invitations start arriving, its time for a double jeopardy. The first problem is to try fit into an old suit - which somehow seems to shrink a size each year – and the second is to dig up those old sneakers and start running to BETTER fit into an old suit before the D-day. Seriously, being a normal person with a less-than-normal motivation to keep in shape, I keep looking for rapid weight loss techniques all the time. I have found dozens, right from surviving on cabbage soup for 15 days to suddenly start running half-marathons 4 days a week. Not for me!

With full regard to moving your ass, the importance of dieting can not be denied, especially when you need to loose weight within a few weeks for a special occasion. The occasion could be any…a wedding, a school reunion, or just that cruise where you wish to flaunt your body. I have quite a collection of diet plans that are either high or low on something…high-protein, low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb, negative-calorie…everything! Most such diets shock your digestive and metabolic system and must not be followed for more than 7-10 days!

Here is the new kid on the block. Carb Rotation diet. What I like is that it is neither a starvation diet nor a high-on-something or low-on-something diet. Its all about a diet that helps you take the right kind of carbs at the right time during the day. Not all carbs take the same amount of time to get digested and convert into energy. So if you are taking slow-working carbs in breakfast and rapid-working carbs in dinner you feel tired during the day and add fat while sleeping at night. The carbrotationdiet keeps your metabolism working hard and does not leave you with surplus calories before bedtime. The deal…you easily lose 15lbs in 30 days! Do you think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Need Help With Excessive Blushing?

Life never ceases to amaze me. It’s just mind-boggling how excess of a normal psychological occurrence can ruin people’s lives. It was quite a shock when I came to know that Excessive Blushing is a widely prevalent condition for which people seek medical help. I read up a little. What I understand is that these are people who suddenly turn beetroot red and soaked in sweat in a public situation. The stimulus can be anything from seeing a familiar face, feeling attracted to someone, fear of embarrassment…anything under the sun! There are different names used for the condition, but most seem to agree with a combination of Flushing and Hyperhidrosis.

The more I read the more nightmarish it seemed. I can only vaguely imagine the discomfort of a person suffering from something like this. Even more alarming was the kind of things people do to get rid of this problem. I read about Hypnosis, Oral Medications, Botox injections, Surgery (ETS and others that cut, burn or block certain nerves or suck out sweat glands from an area), specialized cosmetic products and more…Go here if you wish to know more.

If you know of a person who seems to have this problem, please help him/her to identify this as a known problem and not a personal hell. That person needs assistance. I read further and then I came across this book written by someone who has suffered from excessive blushing himself. The guy has come up with a self-help method to alleviate the symptoms and slowly get rid of the problem without any of the drastic measures I listed above. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

How to Propose to Your Love

Book on Wedding Proposal IdeasLove is one milestone on our journey of life that is never too far away. Most of us are either excitedly approaching it or trying to get over the trauma of leaving it behind - only to shake it off some time later and start getting excited again. Some of us are taking a well-earned siesta right beside it, thinking of which way to go now. Well, whichever stage of the journey you are in, sooner or later the time comes to propose. That one single question that if properly put can make way for a happy exit from the expressway of prospecting to that cozy meandering road of marital bliss (so long it lasts).

Come to think of it I spent six months thinking of the right moment and the right way to say it to my girl. Fortunately for me she saw through my inhibition and one fine day ended up proposing to me. Lucky me! Although 13 years later it still is the most favorite coffee-table joke she enjoys narrating to friends and family. My son is 6. I am sure he will know it in another few years. Not that I regret it, but I do wish I had swept her off her feet rather than it happening the other way round.

I believe that if two people are destined to spend their life (or part of it) together, God makes sure his(her) will is done. Still, you can’t deny the importance of being able to pop that question in a mind-blowing way that would make (happy) memories for a lifetime. Its too late for me now, but I found this book on 101 surefire ways of proposing to your girl (or guy if he suffers from proposing-procrastination syndrome like me). The best part I liked about this book is that it is not hard-baked wisdom coming from a self-proclaimed love-guru. These are the best ideas to pop the question chosen from over 7000 successful real life experiences collated through a world-wide survey.

I find this rather neat. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Secrets of Earning Online

The Secrets of Earning OnlineHow many times have you seen something like this…
Get Rich Now!
Start Earning $1000 per day in 25 minutes!
Turn Your Computer into a Money Making Machine!

I have seen all this hundreds of times and still do…some dreams are too hard to die. A few years ago I used to search for such offers because I was seriously convinced that I could make amazing amount of money sitting at home. A few months and a few hundreds of my own dollars later I was still looking for such opportunities hoping to find one genuine way to achieve that much hyped financial independence. I still search for such offers, only to see what new keywords are coming in and how the sales pitch is getting increasingly bizarre.

The visual media is getting more enriched. Now they don’t just show stacks of crisp dollar notes, they also show a few luxury cars, a sea-side mansion and a couple of breathtaking brunettes and blondes (For me any of the latter three would do…They can keep their stack of dollars). I also keep a barf-bag handy. In reality all that you get out of such offers is a set of CDs that give you a list of a hundred things to do and a thousand web addresses to register at and then hope for the best. The more compassionate ones throw in automated software to do the robotic work for you.

So if I am so prejudiced why am I talking about this book? Well, what touched my much maligned heart was that the guy who wrote this book has the decency to state upfront that there is no magic way of becoming a millionaire using the Internet. There are some legitimate ways of making a decent residual income on the Internet, but it takes time and effort both! Sincere, consistent effort can help you set up multiple passive income streams that can add up to a pretty decent amount. There ARE no shortcuts in life.

You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ever heard of Turbulence Training!

Book on Rapid WeightlossWhen I first heard of Turbulence Training I was very convinced it was meant for high-altitude pilots frequently flying through rough-weather conditions. Yes, yes the informed ones are welcome to laugh at my steep ignorance. Another wild guess I risked was that Turbulence Training was meant for astronauts preparing for zero-gravity conditions. In reality this turns out to be nothing more extraordinary than a revolutionary fat-loss system that allows you to get maximum from your workouts in minimum time.

Heard that before? Yes, I have. Given my liking for all the B-things in life (Beer, Butter, Bakes, Bed, Bottoms…) there is hardly any thing that I don’t need to try to keep my BMI (body-mass index…see another B) below 30. I am still struggling somewhere around 28 point something. When wifey points out a sag around my waistline after a few reckless weeks I just pull in my sack and play Garfield…“It’s all muscle dear!”

Jokes apart, with rising stress levels round the world being overweight is one thing nobody can afford. Hypertension is striking down 26 year olds! Very turbulent times indeed. And one thing that is always in short supply when it comes to workouts is time…the scarcest of course being the sheer will to be consistent. One thing I realized long ago was that light-paced cardio over long durations never did the trick for me. Just bored me after two days. I experimented myself with short bursts of weight-training and it suits me fine. However, it’s still quite an issue to regulate workouts so you can lose fat without losing lean muscle mass or gain muscle without gaining a few extra pounds of fat.

This is where Turbulence Training comes in. I really like the concept, especially because it says a lot that I believe in. The best part is that it offers you a course of professionally designed workouts that you can do at home…neither a magic home-delivered diet nor a magic pill to pop after each meal. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Natural 12 Hour Cure for Yeast Infection

Let me make a confession. I had no idea how serious yeast infection (Candida for the more informed ones) can be when I started writing this post. I just came across this book promising a 12 hour all natural cure for yeast infection that left me a bit bemused. Yeast?! The first things I thought of were bread, cheese and beer. Three things that are my all-time favorites, though not in the specified order. What left me completely baffled was the list of symptoms. Would you believe that a yeast infection can make me have any (whichever is biologically possible) or a whole bunch of the following…

•Premature Aging •Vaginal Discharge •Arthritis •Depression •Chronic Rashes •Tiredness or Fatigue •Poor Memory •Irritability •Joint Pain or Swelling •Vaginal Odor •PMS •Digestive problems •Muscle Aches •Short attention span •Head, Hand, Hip and Knee Pain •Acne •Respiratory Infections •Memory loss •Lowered Immune System •Lowered Self Esteem •Impotence •Depression •White Vaginal Discharge •Hypoglycemia •Urinary disorders •Skin Lesion• Shortness of Breath •Food allergies •Learning and Memory problems •Painful Sex or Sexual dysfunction

Scary?! I could count quite a handful of them happening to me one time or the other. So I took it up with my Sis who happens to be a doctor. We had a rather candid chat about Candida and it turned out that often medication is prescribed for visible symptoms while root causes of problems like yeast infection go unnoticed. This results in frequent recurrence of a problem and it becomes chronic. I read on the Internet and found some useful information. You want to read about it too? Go here!

Well, I don’t know for certain if I ever had a yeast infection, but next time I need to visit a doctor I will keep it in mind, especially if there is some natural cure available. You think you would like to take a look at the book? Go here!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ideas For The Best Wedding Speeches

Besides all the customary gaiety and confusion that marks a typical wedding, six people have something more to worry about. I am talking about the two lovebirds (read Bride and Groom), Pappy and Momma of the bride, Maid of Honor and that Best Man who gives you lucid nightmares about a misplaced ring…till he finally digs it out of his pocket. These six people raise those toasts that often mark the most unforgettable (or wish-you-could-forget) moments of a wedding. Yes, I am talking about Wedding Speeches.

In my 37 years I was married just once, 13 years ago. Still I find weddings very special occasions and feel like going through the entire sequence all over again - with my own wife (of course!) – just hoping this time I will get time to shave before I pop up at her place and remember the names of all her 17 Uncles! Alas! Some things in life don’t offer you a second chance. Usually a wedding happens once in a lifetime between two given people and I wish it is a memorable occasion for every couple who decide to spend their lives together. Wedding speeches are special and you never get that audience and that moment again. So you better be prepared.

I came across this set of books that offer professionally written, customizable (hate to use this term) speeches that you can use to charm any audience at a wedding. Besides giving you ready-to-use speeches, you get enough guidance to create your own inspirational work of art. And it’s not all about just speeches. You also get very useful tips on social conduct and etiquette at a wedding. I find it just too snug to be my regular disheveled self, but actually there is no harm is appearing immaculate at such a lovely occasion. All in all, I found this a rather neat package.

You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Monday, February 4, 2008

For Women Only - How To Get Your Man Back!

Book on Win Back Your ManAfter being married for 13 years I think I do understand what a relationship means. I mean we are a normal couple and have our own sweet and sour moments. At times more sour than sweet…but she means a lot to me. When I came across this book – How Do I Get Him Back – My first reaction was why there is such a book only for women? I mean do only women yearn for an estranged loved one? I yearn for my wife even when she goes over to my in-laws place for a weekend…even if it only because I am absolutely hopeless at keeping house :)

Jokes apart, I would really like to see such a book for men too. C’mon people, guys get heartbroken too. A guy can also want his gal back! Anyways, I have huge respect for any individual's free will. So unfortunately if your partner has drifted away, before wanting him back just sit back and consider if it was good riddance?! If not, go ahead try this book. It will definitely help you.

The writer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and offers some very practical advice on breathing new life in a dying or dead relationship. One thing I liked is that it doesn’t talk about sorcery or a generic solution to everybody’s relationship problems. The book aims to give you an insight to probable causes, helps you nail-down the problem and then offers practical advice on how to get your man back. I hope he’s worth it and wish you all the best in keeping your man and your marriage together! You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Secretly Hypnotize Anyone!

Book on Covert HypnosisRecalling all the instances I saw people being hypnotized - and that always happened on TV - I only remember people staring at swaying objects and then snapping into temporary oblivion. I mean it always seemed quite an effort on the part of the person being hypnotized to focus on that thingy swaying to and fro. So I had an obvious gush of amazement when I found this thing on Secretly Hypnotizing People!

The art/science (or whatever this classifies as) is called Covert Hypnosis. The techniques discussed in this book allow you to hypnotize a person (or even a small mob of around 100) with just your words. Come to think of it, I guess I once had first-hand experience with such a thing. 13 years ago I met a woman who talked to me for seven days. A month later we were married...and still are:)

Anyways, coming back to the book...Once you cast your hypnosis the subject(s) would follow your command without any question and would never know that it was YOU who gave the orders. Given my warped sense of humor all I could visualize were endless possibilities of practical jokes. Jokes apart, these are pretty serious, proven mind control techniques and I hope only good, kind-hearted people end up with this information. You think you would like to take a look. Go here!

Friday, February 1, 2008

How To Become Irresistible!

Book on How to Attract Men

Book on How to Attract WomenI always thought seduction was an art. I still think so. Though there are others who would always lift a fox's tail to find the science behind the art. Now I come to know there are people who are willing to reveal inside secrets to help me make myself either men or women as I may choose to.

Kidding apart, these are pretty useful resources and even allow you to get a feel of what you are getting into through a free mini-course. These books - How to be Irresistibe to Men and How to be Irresistible to Women - provide step-by-step ways to master proven techniques to meet and attract the person you've always wanted.

They don't say they can actually make a person fall in love with you (like most spell casters on the web), and I appreciate such courtesy extended to a person's free will. In any case, you do get to know proven techniques to attract people that get immediate results. Being a married man, one good mention I found was advice on creating a lasting and fulfilling relationship. You think you would like to take a look. Go here!


Let me put upfront, what you usually find at the very end in superfine print. The writer of this blog - henceforth called I or me - is in no way responsible for the content of the books discussed here. The writer also has no intention of branding any book discussed here bizarre, because someone may just find it a turning point in his or her life. The inclusion of a book in the Bizarre Book Cafe is solely subject to my heartfelt appreciation, wonder, shock, disbelief, or warped musings about the nature or topic of the work :)

Having said all that, let me tell you that I am a published author myself so I know how much work and effort goes into creating a book. Kudos to the ones who are able to complete most of their literary ventures. I have a hard drive full of half-baked ideas that will never register an imprint on paper. This is just an attempt to bring you some truly helpful and amusing titles I find on my daily voyage through digital depths of the Internet.