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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finding the Root Cause of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Book on OCDDo you know anybody who is in the habit of continuous nail biting, excessive double-checking and recounting, obsessed about cleaning, ordering and arranging things or into excessive praying or even excessive washing of hands? Chances are, that person suffers from an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Often such habits of people are dismissed by friends and family as mild eccentricities. In reality, these are little understood and widely prevalent anxiety disorders collectively termed by doctors as OCDs.

People suffering from an OCD have recurrent, impulsive thoughts and doubts that they cannot ignore. These thoughts and doubts quickly build up into a state of excessive stress and they feel an uncontrollable urge to do activities like nail biting or continuous cleaning etc to relieve their stress level. The habit becomes a vicious cycle. The more such people are made conscious of their habit and the more they try to stop, the more stressed out they get and the more they want to do it.

When I started reading up I found that an OCD is actually a symptom of a deep underlying fear. This is the reason why people who show symptoms of OCDs often suffer from phobias, panic attacks, depression and morbid fears of rejection or failure. They usually have a low self-esteem and may not like to socialize at all or too often. Cures are many…from prescribed drugs to alternative medicine like homeopathy and therapeutic procedures like acupuncture, meditation or psychiatric treatment. However, there is no one solution to everybody’s problem simple because every person may have his or her unique inherent fears fuelling the OCD symptoms.

Here is a book written by a fellow OCD sufferer who found a way to get to the root cause of OCDs. This is not about medicines or meditation. This is about a tested way that a person can use to identify the primary cause of what is making him or her behave in a strange fashion. Once you find the root cause, it becomes so much easier to break the vicious cycle of an OCD and lead a more normal life. I found this a must-recommend here. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!


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