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Friday, February 8, 2008

Secrets of Earning Online

The Secrets of Earning OnlineHow many times have you seen something like this…
Get Rich Now!
Start Earning $1000 per day in 25 minutes!
Turn Your Computer into a Money Making Machine!

I have seen all this hundreds of times and still do…some dreams are too hard to die. A few years ago I used to search for such offers because I was seriously convinced that I could make amazing amount of money sitting at home. A few months and a few hundreds of my own dollars later I was still looking for such opportunities hoping to find one genuine way to achieve that much hyped financial independence. I still search for such offers, only to see what new keywords are coming in and how the sales pitch is getting increasingly bizarre.

The visual media is getting more enriched. Now they don’t just show stacks of crisp dollar notes, they also show a few luxury cars, a sea-side mansion and a couple of breathtaking brunettes and blondes (For me any of the latter three would do…They can keep their stack of dollars). I also keep a barf-bag handy. In reality all that you get out of such offers is a set of CDs that give you a list of a hundred things to do and a thousand web addresses to register at and then hope for the best. The more compassionate ones throw in automated software to do the robotic work for you.

So if I am so prejudiced why am I talking about this book? Well, what touched my much maligned heart was that the guy who wrote this book has the decency to state upfront that there is no magic way of becoming a millionaire using the Internet. There are some legitimate ways of making a decent residual income on the Internet, but it takes time and effort both! Sincere, consistent effort can help you set up multiple passive income streams that can add up to a pretty decent amount. There ARE no shortcuts in life.

You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

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