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Friday, February 1, 2008


Let me put upfront, what you usually find at the very end in superfine print. The writer of this blog - henceforth called I or me - is in no way responsible for the content of the books discussed here. The writer also has no intention of branding any book discussed here bizarre, because someone may just find it a turning point in his or her life. The inclusion of a book in the Bizarre Book Cafe is solely subject to my heartfelt appreciation, wonder, shock, disbelief, or warped musings about the nature or topic of the work :)

Having said all that, let me tell you that I am a published author myself so I know how much work and effort goes into creating a book. Kudos to the ones who are able to complete most of their literary ventures. I have a hard drive full of half-baked ideas that will never register an imprint on paper. This is just an attempt to bring you some truly helpful and amusing titles I find on my daily voyage through digital depths of the Internet.

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