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Friday, February 29, 2008

Create and Use Subliminal Messages to Your Advantage

book on creating subliminal messages Subliminal messages are subtle signals or messages embedded in a communication so that they can not be identified through our normal limits of perception. Though subliminal messages are not perceptible to the conscious mind, they are known to register in our subconscious and later affect out actions and opinions. Some people refer to subliminal messages as a grey area between the art of hypnosis and the science of brain programming.

The concept of subliminal messages was first put forth by E. W. Scripture in his book The New Psychology, published in 1898. The idea is still debated, but the fact that it is widely put to use in the advertising and entertainment industry firmly establishes that it works. I was rather amazed to know that brand sales of products like cola, coffee and popcorn have gone up my millions just by flashing 2-3 word subliminal messages for 100 milliseconds during movie shows. Nobody read them, but many people suddenly had an urge to grab a drink or dip into a packet of popcorn. You want to read up more about the idea? Go here.

I did my reading and came across plenty of books. Then I found this Subliminal Black Book Package. What makes this different from the usual deal is that it doesn’t just exhaustively talk about the history of subliminal messages (they invented Wikipedia for such prized information). This package allows you to create you own custom subliminal recordings to subconsciously affect your own self…or those around you. You can use it to quit an addiction, improve your confidence and memory, boost that weight-loss program you are on, attract partners, make visitors return to your website, get that job promotion you’ve been wanting and even control others so they can never lie to you or buy your stuff! The package comes with studio-quality multi-tracking software that allows you to burn your own recordings. What’s more…once you have bought it, it’s completely yours to resell over and over again! That’s like eating you cake and having it too! You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

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