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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ever heard of Turbulence Training!

Book on Rapid WeightlossWhen I first heard of Turbulence Training I was very convinced it was meant for high-altitude pilots frequently flying through rough-weather conditions. Yes, yes the informed ones are welcome to laugh at my steep ignorance. Another wild guess I risked was that Turbulence Training was meant for astronauts preparing for zero-gravity conditions. In reality this turns out to be nothing more extraordinary than a revolutionary fat-loss system that allows you to get maximum from your workouts in minimum time.

Heard that before? Yes, I have. Given my liking for all the B-things in life (Beer, Butter, Bakes, Bed, Bottoms…) there is hardly any thing that I don’t need to try to keep my BMI (body-mass index…see another B) below 30. I am still struggling somewhere around 28 point something. When wifey points out a sag around my waistline after a few reckless weeks I just pull in my sack and play Garfield…“It’s all muscle dear!”

Jokes apart, with rising stress levels round the world being overweight is one thing nobody can afford. Hypertension is striking down 26 year olds! Very turbulent times indeed. And one thing that is always in short supply when it comes to workouts is time…the scarcest of course being the sheer will to be consistent. One thing I realized long ago was that light-paced cardio over long durations never did the trick for me. Just bored me after two days. I experimented myself with short bursts of weight-training and it suits me fine. However, it’s still quite an issue to regulate workouts so you can lose fat without losing lean muscle mass or gain muscle without gaining a few extra pounds of fat.

This is where Turbulence Training comes in. I really like the concept, especially because it says a lot that I believe in. The best part is that it offers you a course of professionally designed workouts that you can do at home…neither a magic home-delivered diet nor a magic pill to pop after each meal. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

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