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Monday, February 4, 2008

For Women Only - How To Get Your Man Back!

Book on Win Back Your ManAfter being married for 13 years I think I do understand what a relationship means. I mean we are a normal couple and have our own sweet and sour moments. At times more sour than sweet…but she means a lot to me. When I came across this book – How Do I Get Him Back – My first reaction was why there is such a book only for women? I mean do only women yearn for an estranged loved one? I yearn for my wife even when she goes over to my in-laws place for a weekend…even if it only because I am absolutely hopeless at keeping house :)

Jokes apart, I would really like to see such a book for men too. C’mon people, guys get heartbroken too. A guy can also want his gal back! Anyways, I have huge respect for any individual's free will. So unfortunately if your partner has drifted away, before wanting him back just sit back and consider if it was good riddance?! If not, go ahead try this book. It will definitely help you.

The writer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and offers some very practical advice on breathing new life in a dying or dead relationship. One thing I liked is that it doesn’t talk about sorcery or a generic solution to everybody’s relationship problems. The book aims to give you an insight to probable causes, helps you nail-down the problem and then offers practical advice on how to get your man back. I hope he’s worth it and wish you all the best in keeping your man and your marriage together! You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

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