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Monday, February 11, 2008

How to Propose to Your Love

Book on Wedding Proposal IdeasLove is one milestone on our journey of life that is never too far away. Most of us are either excitedly approaching it or trying to get over the trauma of leaving it behind - only to shake it off some time later and start getting excited again. Some of us are taking a well-earned siesta right beside it, thinking of which way to go now. Well, whichever stage of the journey you are in, sooner or later the time comes to propose. That one single question that if properly put can make way for a happy exit from the expressway of prospecting to that cozy meandering road of marital bliss (so long it lasts).

Come to think of it I spent six months thinking of the right moment and the right way to say it to my girl. Fortunately for me she saw through my inhibition and one fine day ended up proposing to me. Lucky me! Although 13 years later it still is the most favorite coffee-table joke she enjoys narrating to friends and family. My son is 6. I am sure he will know it in another few years. Not that I regret it, but I do wish I had swept her off her feet rather than it happening the other way round.

I believe that if two people are destined to spend their life (or part of it) together, God makes sure his(her) will is done. Still, you can’t deny the importance of being able to pop that question in a mind-blowing way that would make (happy) memories for a lifetime. Its too late for me now, but I found this book on 101 surefire ways of proposing to your girl (or guy if he suffers from proposing-procrastination syndrome like me). The best part I liked about this book is that it is not hard-baked wisdom coming from a self-proclaimed love-guru. These are the best ideas to pop the question chosen from over 7000 successful real life experiences collated through a world-wide survey.

I find this rather neat. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

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