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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ideas For The Best Wedding Speeches

Besides all the customary gaiety and confusion that marks a typical wedding, six people have something more to worry about. I am talking about the two lovebirds (read Bride and Groom), Pappy and Momma of the bride, Maid of Honor and that Best Man who gives you lucid nightmares about a misplaced ring…till he finally digs it out of his pocket. These six people raise those toasts that often mark the most unforgettable (or wish-you-could-forget) moments of a wedding. Yes, I am talking about Wedding Speeches.

In my 37 years I was married just once, 13 years ago. Still I find weddings very special occasions and feel like going through the entire sequence all over again - with my own wife (of course!) – just hoping this time I will get time to shave before I pop up at her place and remember the names of all her 17 Uncles! Alas! Some things in life don’t offer you a second chance. Usually a wedding happens once in a lifetime between two given people and I wish it is a memorable occasion for every couple who decide to spend their lives together. Wedding speeches are special and you never get that audience and that moment again. So you better be prepared.

I came across this set of books that offer professionally written, customizable (hate to use this term) speeches that you can use to charm any audience at a wedding. Besides giving you ready-to-use speeches, you get enough guidance to create your own inspirational work of art. And it’s not all about just speeches. You also get very useful tips on social conduct and etiquette at a wedding. I find it just too snug to be my regular disheveled self, but actually there is no harm is appearing immaculate at such a lovely occasion. All in all, I found this a rather neat package.

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