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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bushido inspired Japanese Samurai Tattoos

book on Japanese tattooTo my knowledge Bushido refers to a moral code of conduct practiced by Japanese warriors. The philosophy of Bushido (or prescribed way of living) derived inspiration from the life of legendary Samurai warriors and was widely adopted by the warrior class in Japan between the 13th and 17th centuries. Now it seems my knowledge is pretty inchoate. For instance I never came across any particular body art forms (read Tattoos) associated with Bushido. Now I find a complete book on it!

Honestly, when I think of Samurais I can only picture warriors who lived for ‘honor-unto-death’, their swords and the amazing dexterity with which they were put to use. I remember reading about Samurais painting Japanese calligraphic symbols on their bodies and faces. However, I am not sure whether they qualify as tattoos the way we know them. In any case, it is wonderful to find a book that traces links between modern tattoo culture in Japan and the Samurai ethics of Bushido.

Bushido: Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo is written by Takahiro Kitamura, who happens to be a tattoo artist himself. The book is splashed with bold, captivating images of body art both in color and monochrome. The book talks about some very interesting ancient tattoo techniques and also how old traditions and rituals influence the modern tattoo industry in Japan. Besides giving you ideas about turning a piece of you into a work of art, the book also makes a very good read. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

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