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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boost Your Confidence for Greater Social Success

Book on Increasing Self ConfidenceThe gift of gab is a remarkable virtue. The art of conversation is the key to your social success and popularity. If you can strike a meaningful conversation with absolute strangers, you have a much greater chance of influencing people. Like all performing arts (pardon me the analogy if it seems too far-fetched) making a conversation and public speaking derive a lot out of your self confidence. People seek to boost their self-confidence in the most bizarre ways. Self-confidence is sadly not an ingredient of either a quick shot of whisky or a cigarette. It comes from how you personally value yourself and your capabilities.

We all also have our own preferred means of communication. I am somehow more of a letter, email and sms person. What I find a cakewalk expressing in writing, I fumble and stumble with speaking out. Over the years I realized how this marginalized me in social gatherings, family reunions and even business meetings. If it’s not the case with you, believe me you are a very lucky person. If it is…the books here can do you a world of good.

The Little Book of Confidence is written by Susan Jeffers, a bestselling author of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway fame. This little (I mean it literally) book helps you overcome your self-doubt, take quick decisions, assert yourself and of course improve your public speaking. The book is littered with practical advice and tips to identify your fears and then successfully transform your fears into better self-confidence, higher energy levels and love for yourself and others. One thing I liked about this book is that you need no necessarily read it cover to cover to solve your problem. You can dip into it as and when required for specific issues and find relevant solutions. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Book on Having a Successful Social LifeHere is another splendid resource to reclaim your social life the way you always wanted it to be. Secrets To Social Success quickly helps you recondition your attitude and behavior to successfully deal with people in all areas of your life…be it romance, business, social networking or friendship. Check it out! Be good and be more popular.

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