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Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Men Like About Women

Book on What Men Like
Book on What Men LoveLast time me and my wife of 13 years had a tiff (and that happened not so long ago), she came around saying that she would never understand me or what I want from her. Come to think of it, I could return the compliment verbatim to her. In any case it’s a woman’s privilege to be mysterious. According to me I am a pretty straightforward man, but if I think back honestly…I do get confused, backtrack my opinions, sulk for no reason and find a great deal of dark pleasure in being unpredictable and bewildering her. No wonder she asks for a bravery award on each one of our anniversaries.

Well, coming back to business I did a fair bit of research on the Internet and found that ‘what men want from women’ ranks quite high on the list of phrases searched on Google. If you ask a man you can expect a reaction anywhere from casual shrug to a long-winded discourse on how miserably misunderstood he’s been all his life. So, better ask a woman. Ask Sherry Argov and she says men want strong, self-confident women who can stand up to him and tell him to shut up when required. I am in vehement agreement.

Here are Sherry Argov’s two bestselling books – Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches – where she wittily reveals how a ‘too nice a cow’ can transform into a stimulating, capricious, electrified babe (read Bitch and blame Sherry for that)! This woman not only gets her man, she also keeps him relentlessly bedazzled to hold her own in a relationship. The journey, in Sherry’s words is 'from a doormat to a dreamgirl.’ However, this is not just about being mean to your guy. This is about earning and keeping your respect in a relationship with much less effort. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Book on What Men Like in WomenNow I can’t leave you with just a woman’s word. Here is another stimulating book (the man’s side of the story) that you may find interesting. Check it out!

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