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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ideas to Manage Childhood Anger Problems

Book on Childhood Anger ProblemsGot a baby on hair-trigger? The one who hits the roof about a dozen times a day…if not more. Well it’s about time someone took it seriously. Child anger problems can not be written off simply as tantrums that a child will just grow out of. These are serious issues that sometimes result in catastrophic consequences. In the last 3 months I read about 5 cases where 6-11 year olds used knives and guns to fatal effects on their friends at school. It was a pain to see the innocent faces of the deceased victims as well as the offenders whose lives ahead are now marred with uncertainty.

Being the father of a rather moody six year old I couldn’t help being concerned. I read up on the causes and there were many. Some of the most common reasons are bullying at school, exposure to violent cartoons and video games, excessive disciplining with hitting and verbal abuse, special physical or psychological needs and even overindulgence by parents. When lack of spending quality time with kids is made up with reckless spending to meet all their demands, children tend to go wild when they feel their wish is not being fulfilled.

Children have limitations is expressing their emotions and more so with controlling or disguising them. We adults have a much wider bandwidth of emotions, but do we really understand our children? Do we know how to handle those emotions that may seem absolute bizarre to us but grounded in perfect logic for a toddler? Here is some professional advice. A Volcano In My Tummy is a book that can help you help your child overcome swearing, hitting, throwing things and other anger related problems in a constructive manner. The book contains absorbing, coordinated activities and methods to help mitigate childhood anger. The book offers a very clear distinction between the feeling of anger and violent behavior. This book is meant for working both with an individual or a group of kids. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

Self Help Book on Child AngerIf you wish to dive deeper into your child’s mind and understand what makes him or her angry, here is another great resource. Child Anger Revealed helps you understand the causes and nature of your child’s emotional trauma. This helps you address the problem without loosing your own cool or making your child think you hate him or her. Check it out. Here’s to happy kids! I love mine and may God bless yours.

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