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Monday, March 31, 2008

Detox and Cleanse Your Body

Book on Detox ProcessDo you tire easily? Do you suffer from a chronic illness? Do you find it extremely hard to lose weight? By the time the salesperson at the mall was through spitting these queries at me, my fists were already clenched. It sounded almost like being damned for life. Before I could offer my rather flowery responses, he came up with another beamer - Your can be as full of toxins as your vacuum cleaner's bag. Imagine! The guy was calling me a talking, walking trash bag. Then I looked at my pretty ample burger - and the smoking cigarette dangling from my lips - and I didn't have the heart to refute him.

It's true. No matter where you live, every day your body adds to its store of potentially damaging toxins. These toxins can be in the form of living breathing microbes or stone dead particles of heavy metals that can readily combine with your living tissue and cause it irreparable damage. Some of these toxins come our way naturally as air and water pollutants or workplace contaminants and some we stuff ourselves with at will thanks to processed foods, aerated drinks, cigarettes, alcohol and even plush foam mattresses. One common goal all these hundreds of toxins serve is to put you on top gear to ageing and overall deterioration of your body. No wonder detoxification is the first prescribed procedure by top dieticians and personal trainers today.

In her book The Detox Strategy, Brenda Watson (bestselling author of The Fiber35 Diet fame) explains what these toxins are, where they come from and how you can help your natural cleansing system take care of this nuisance. Depending on your condition, you can follow Brenda's program from six to fourteen weeks. The book guides you how to reduce exposure to toxins, get rid of accumulated toxins in your body and reverse their harmful effects as far as possible. The book also lists recommended foods, diet, workouts and procedures like colonics and medicinal baths that can help speed up your detox process. More helpful sections include detox recipes, sample menus and a complete periodic detox schedule to keep recharging your body at regular intervals. You think you would like to feel younger, lighter and more energetic? Go here!

ebook on detoxificationNow if you are in a hurry and want a shortcut to complete detox, here is another great resource. Master Cleanse is a quick, effective lemon detox system that has stood its ground for 50 years now. If you wish to shed up to 20 pounds, cleanse your body, feel younger and increase your energy levels in 10 days flat...this is what you are looking for. Check it out!

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