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Friday, March 14, 2008

How to Get Over a Broken Relationship

Book on Broken RelationshipsIt takes a lot of time and commitment to build a relationship…and make it last. In every culture and society, marriages are solemnized with a certain set of vows. I find it rather amazing that though we often go way out of our way to live up a simple promise made to a friend, we hardly ever refresh those simple pledges that secure our relationship. There are a thousand theories about why relationships end. I believe that the market culture of use-and-throw is catching up with our personal lives. People have little time to mend a ruffled emotion or fix a bruised heart. They often just move on and find a new one to pleasure.

I don’t say people don’t suffer the end of a relationship. They do…and often innocent young lives are also traumatized for no fault of theirs. In retrospect I wonder how many of us want to wish away that one moment of madness when we spilt our ways for good. In any case, a broken relationship can be quite shattering and it often requires a lot of assistance and support to gather all the split ends. This is what When Your Relationship Ends is all about.

When Your Relationship Ends is a book written by Dr Bruce Fisher, a world acclaimed divorce therapist, author and teacher. Dr Fisher’s ‘Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale’ is accepted worldwide as a measure of adjustment to the termination of a love relationship. This is one book you can turn to if you have poured your heart out to friends and family and still can’t find a way to get over the end of a relationship. In my opinion the best time to go through this book is when you still have a relationship. This can also help you see how you are contributing to its end rather than just heaping the blame on your partner. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

ebook on Save Your MarriageI leave you with another priceless resource - 1000 Questions for Couples - to keep your relationship in good shape. Lack or lapse of communication is one of the leading contributors to relationships going sour. Counselors agree that a majority of divorces are avoidable only if couples ask each other the right questions. Wondering what to ask? Check it out!

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