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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Save On Gas - Run Your Vehicle On Water

Book on ALternative FuelHow is always keeping your partner in good humor same as driving your car on water? Well, both claims sound kind of...Looney! So when I came across this ebook - Modify Your Car To Save Gas Using Water - I obviously considered the information with much more than a pinch of salt. If this is really true, why isn't any automobile company coming forward with the idea instead of an individual selling me this breakthrough.

The idea is to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen and use the hydrogen fuel to run the vehicle. The combustion of Hydrogen is far neater that any hydrocarbon so obviously it will give more power and better mileage. But my first question was is this possible? Being a science graduate - and still remembering a bit of it - I know that it takes far more energy to split water than obtained by burning the Hydrogen and Oxygen it yields. I read up and came across this Water Fuel Cell device invented by a Mr. Stanley Meyer. Mr. Meyer it seems made a successful demonstration of his technique, but then suddenly disappeared - according to some he was eliminated at the behest the rich oil companies that showed tremendous annoyance towards his project. I looked for a working prototype and found visible proof here.

Modify Your Car To Save Gas Using Water uses the same Water Fuel Cell technique to help you run any car or truck on plain water. The book is filled with detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions to carry out the simple modification process. If you live somewhere near Los Angeles you can see the author of this ebook displaying his water hybrid car at Velleyheart Drive, Studio City, LA every Saturday. One last check I made before I wrote this post was to search if this ebook is a scam. If it figured as a scam anywhere...I won't be talking to you about this. So even if you are happy stepping on the gas, this book is worth checking out once. You think you would like to take a look? Go here!

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