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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Use Dowsing Techniques to Discover Your Sixth Sense

book on dowsing techniquesOne good thing about writing this blog is that it keeps me aware of how unaware I am. For instance when I found this book - Learn To Dowse - my first question was what on earth is dowsing? As it turned out, it's kind of browsing while drowsing. For the less-informed ones like me, dowsing is the technique to locate hidden objects (or find answers) using simple, rather unscientific, instruments. Dowsing has been around for thousands of years. It's been put to use for divination purposes, locating underground water and minerals, nurturing intuition (or the sixth sense) to find answers to baffling questions and even deciding court trials! The last practice was (thankfully) abandoned after 1701. Though there is no scientific explanation for dowsing, there is ample proof that it works. Dowsing techniques were used by US Marines to locate tunnels and buried weapons in the Vietnam war.

Dowsing techniques use simple tools like Y-rods, L-rods, bobber (a long tapering stick) and pendulums. Pendulums appear to be quiet a favourite with some of the best known dowsers of latter times like Karl Spiesberger, Ludwig Straniak and J. Francis Hitching. Learn To Dowse teaches you how to use each of these dowsing tools and the pendulum in particular. It even teaches you how to dowse without any tools. This book is written by Nigel and Maggie Percy who have over 30 years of dowsing experience between them. The good thing about this book is that it demystifies dowsing from just being a technique to find where to dig a well. This book finds common, daily-life applications of dowsing like finding lost objects or pets, saving money, locating plumbing and wiring in an unfamiliar house, verifying the freshness of food, checking your vehicle for problems and many many more...

Learn To Dowse combines the medium of text, audio and video to make you learn dowsing correctly and quickly. The content of this ebook comes from actual classroom sessions held by the authors for several institutes and organizations for developing intuitive behavior and awakening dormant sixth sense. Besides it's practical use in your home, dowsing is a great hobby and you may even make it your part-time vocation. This one is a must-have-a-look. Go here!

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