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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogging Tricks To Be A Power Affiliate Reseller

From the launch of Online Diaries in 1994 and the first ever affiliate program by Amazon (this is debatable) in 1996, blogging and affiliate marketing have come a long way to become two of the major e-commerce activities at individual level. The attraction for the combo is magnetic. What could be more cushy than writing about things you like and make money in the bargain. Selling affiliate products through blogging has sure turned the fortunes of millions of people worldwide. However, the success to failure ratio in this business is not too good and there are reasons for it...

Firstly the availability of free blogging platforms and free registration in most affiliate programs allows for perhaps the only business venture to be started with zero capital. This means just too many people competing with each other to sell similar products. Secondly, there are virtually no industry standards in terms of training, certification and code of conduct. This means that though the opportunity is open to everyone, the progress is largely made through trial and error. Each time you read about a small little something you could do to herd more traffic to your blog and make it SE friendly, you update and lose on weeks of effort. Suddenly Google has no cache of your site and your visitor count plummets. It is a painful learning process. No wonder almost 90% of people using blogs to sell affiliate products run out of steam in the first 4-5 months.

Whatever may be the associated problems, the combo of blogging and affiliate marketing multi-billion market has the potential to turn your life around...if only you had a way to get over (or possibly avoid altogether) the teething troubles. If you are really serious about using blogging to sell affiliate products, here are two highly recommended resources that reveal all that you need to know to make way quickly and profitably.

ebook on affiliate marketingviral blogging systemThe Super Affiliate Handbook and Atomic Blogging 2.0 are the latest bestselling resources in their respective industries. However, few have realized the combined potential of the two. You think you would like to have the first mover's advantage... Check them out. Happy Mega Earnings!

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