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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creative Profitable Fundraising Ideas

book on profitable fundraisingFundraising is not for the faint hearted. It ought not to be, since free money never comes easy. Whether it is church fundraising, school fundraising, non-profit fundraising, fundraising for events, companies or individuals, it takes a lot of planning, effort and perseverance. You also need unique, creative ideas, inspired volunteers, a mesmerizing communication strategy, focused lists of prospective donors, optimal use of media and much more. Stress-Free & Profitable Fundraising is one comprehensive resource that answers all your questions about fundraising and provides you a water-tight plan of action for your fundraising activity.

Ever wonder how professional fundraisers can tap into millions as donations like a breeze? It is not about sheer personal charisma or contacts. It is about setting the correct goals for a fundraiser, making irresistible offers to volunteers, identifying all possible target donors and segregating them into communication specific niches, using targeted communication for each niche group to get maximum response, locating and using all possible free resources of publicity (and believe me there are plenty) and most of all...avoiding the most common mistakes that spell doom for any fundraiser.

Stress-Free & Profitable Fundraising reveals all these professional secrets, ideas and resources that apply to all kinds of fundraising activities. This ebook is a must-have for all individuals and organizations looking to generate substantial amount of money through donations on a recurring basis. You think you would like your next fundraiser to be less hair-raising and more fun? Go here!

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