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Sunday, April 27, 2008

How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Perspiration or sweating is our body's natural mechanism to control our body temperature. However, excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a rather inconvenient condition that can hugely dent the self-image and social life of a person. Excessive sweating is not related to the climate zone you live in. You are as likely to suffer from it whether you live bang on the equator or way up north or down south. Symptoms of excessive sweating differ from person to person. Some sweat more on the head, some on the face and neck and some under the armpits. Whatever the case, excessive sweating and related problems like body odor are not easy to either ignore or live with.

book on excessive sweating Unfortunately, most common treatments for excessive sweating are either hugely expensive (like botox injections or surgery to remove sweat glands from a particular area); or come laden with side-effects (like high-potency antiperspirants, prescription drugs or the so-called natural pills); or are just too uncomfortable (like electric current treatment or creams and lotions that soon after application smell more foul that the perspiration itself). If you are looking for a quick, safe and effective way to combat excessive sweating, Stop Sweating & Start Living is highly recommended. The simple procedures in this ebook can help you reduce sweating significantly within days.

You wardrobe need not be all black anymore to hide sweat stains and you need not carry a bundle of under-shirts and deodorant to office to keep yourself presentable. Stop Sweating & Start Living uses commonly available, inexpensive products that you can pick up at your local store. The best part is that this book is not about temporary, part-time relief. The simple procedures in this book take less than a minute to perform, can easily be integrated in your morning and evening routine, and help you cure your excessive sweating problem for good. Some other important things discussed in this book include reducing triggers of excessive sweating, foods and herbs to control heavy sweating and even some emergency treatments when you desperately need quick results. You think you would finally like to be sweat-free? Go here!

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