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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How To Attract Lovely Women Online

book on online datingNow this book is for men only and it is brazenly geared for inspired online dating. The only advantage women can find in this book is probably to know the most successful strategies men use to get them floored online. Notwithstanding all the hype about real above cyber, online dating is here to stay. According to a survey by Online Dating magazine, over 20 million people visit some of the other dating website each month and the trend is still rising. The same survey reveals that people worldwide are currently spending in excess of US$ 250 million on online personals and dating services. The good thing is that this is not just about mind games. Over 120,000 marriages resulted from online dating in 2007 alone.

So Guys, Internet can help you get your profile up and visible to millions of lovely, gorgeous women online. However, to actually get one (or more...I know some things are not meant for frugality) of them to take you seriously is an entirely different ball game. Online socializing allows you to be free of certain inhibitions like hiding a paunch you are planning to lose or losing your tongue in the presence of a woman, but it also imposes certain limitations. Your imposing height, ripped body or golden heart is all reduced to the way you break the ice, start a communication and keep it going without getting on her iggy list. Communication applies as much to online dating as it does to coffee house romance, just that in online dating it plays a much stronger role in sweeping her off her feet. This is where Remote Seducer can help you gain an incomparable advantage.

Remote Seducer attempts to sift the science from the art of online romancing. Please note that this book, that took around 54 months to compile, is not about fooling women into believing you and getting laid. This is about attracting genuine interest from gorgeous women all over the world and leaving you to decide how you wish to handle all that adoration. Knowing just the right way to put yourself across as an alpha male without even putting a pic on your profile, getting your rejection score down to ground level, finding secret ways to dominate online communities like MySpace and Friendster, turning assumed handicaps like being short or too overweight or skinny into your star attraction, innovative ways of finding dates through text messaging are just some of the hundreds of surefire methods you will find in this wonderfully entertaining book to remotely attract women. If you are into online dating at any level, this book is a must-have. You think you could do with more female attention? Go here!

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