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Friday, April 4, 2008

How To Get Best Deals On Airfare

book on getting beast deals on airfareOne of the things that hurt most on a flight is the deep hole it digs into your pocket. With fuel prices rising worldwide (and no hope of it going down in near future), cost of air travel has only one way to go...UP! Don't you wish you could knock off a few hundred bucks off your next air ticket? That money is so much better spent on upgrading your hotel room, a relaxing sauna or just shopping. I would rather blow it up in a bar than pay it to an airline that forgets about me as soon as I am belted into a seat. If you care to save on air travel, here is your chance to consistently get the best deals on airfare.

Save On Airfare - Secrets is written by Tony Morrison, an ex-airlines employee. The guy got fired from his job and this guide is his way of getting back to the industry by revealing how to get the best deals on flights. One good thing - which I know from my experience of writing extensively for some of the leading airlines of Middle East and Europe - is that all the methods described in this ebook are legal. Do you know airlines offer hundreds of discounted promotional deals and free vouchers of air tickets every single day?! What little you get from your travel agent or ticket counter is just a drop out of a barrel. Getting the best deal on airfare is all about knowing these offers and getting them - over and over again - by knowing which magic words to say to your ticketing agent. Save On Airfare - Secrets explains it all.

Tony's book is not just about getting the best deals on flights. He goes on to reveal how to save on your traveling gear by purchasing it at airlines employee-level discounts, get the best seats by exploiting the ticketing system, get your flight honored even when you miss it and much much more. You also get a candid peek into getting best deals on car rental, discounted hotel deals and saving the most on your cruise trip. This is an overall money saver package for all your future business or pleasure trips. You think you could do with saving a few hundred bucks on your upcoming air trip? Go here!

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