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Monday, April 28, 2008

All About Training Your Cats and Dogs

Having a pet is a delight. Having a well behaved pet is pure bliss. Having a problematic one is...well...quite common. So far training your pet goes, I do not vouch for turning a normal, playful animal into a programmed piece of meat fetching slippers, following you in photogenic poses, or crawling and begging at your command. Just because you are providing for an animal does not mean that it should stop having a mind of its own. Even your children wont do that. But yes, being a part of the family, a pet must know how to behave. Behavioral training (not performance antics) is a must for every pet.

Behavioral training for dogs and cats not only makes them safer, more enjoyable pets, it also keeps them safe in your home, makes them accept new pets more easily, prevents irritating habits like clawing and chewing, avoids turning your home into a warzone and much more. When it comes to behavioral training, the first thing your pet needs to understand is who is the master. Once your pet acknowledges you as a pack or pride leader, it will listen to you. This is where hiring professional trainers becomes a disadvantage. Besides being expensive, hiring professional pet trainers is like involving a third person in your relationship with your pet. Instead of watching over a fence, who not get in there and do it yourself!

book on cat training
book on dog trainingHere are two delightful resources to get you started. Cat Secrets Revealed and DIY Dog Training are the two simplest, most comprehensive and garbage-free help books available on behavioral training of dogs and cats. Both these books allow you a deep insight into your pet's world so you can not only correct it behavior, but also make that process fun, interesting and stress-free. These books are written by pet lovers (not trainers) and offer practical advice that really works. Do check them out!

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