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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Secrets of Happy Relationships

Did you dare read any feature article on relationships lately? I did and let me tell you it was routinely disheartening. The latest finding is that having kids conclusively concludes the romance in your marriage. I couldn't disagree more. It never ceases to baffle me how much research is going on to establish why relationships are getting strained, bruised, warped, cracked, split wide open or categorically blown to bits. I agree that information is a key tool to avoid a possible disaster, but I would rather know what works than what doesn't. Being a married man for 13 years I have my own ponderous collection of what doesn't work for my relationship and my six year old is not one of them.

Anyways, my point is that why so much stress on disasters and precious little on success stories. Maybe it has to do with the way scientific research works. They would obviously first cut open a cadaver to see what caused the casualty than spend time with a survivor to find out how he averted the disaster. It is safer to pin down a it of a person or a relationship...because it (usually) cannot be undone. It takes courage to put forth a formula for survival since what worked for some may not work for all. However, I hope the relationship doctors start being more brave than safe and gloomy.

Having grumbled enough, let me get back to what I am here to do. book on secrets of happy relationships
book on more secrets of happy relationshipsHere is a set of two books that I specially like and suggest all couples and singles should go through. 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships is written by Michael Webb, a much celebrated author and relationships expert. Like all Michael's books, this book also focuses on what works. It does warn you of things like excessive criticism, but then it also shows you how to use criticism in the right way to avoid a storm without having to suffocate your own feelings. Why I recommend these books to singles is the fact that you also find great tips on finding your soulmate and starting your relationship on the right foot. You think you could do with some advice that really works? Go here!

book on lovemaking tips for men
book on lovemaking tips for womenNow when you talk about secrets of a happy relationship, physical aspects of it cannot be ignored. If you just want to spice up the love(making) aspect of your relationship, here are two more books that you will find really useful. Do check them out.

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