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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jesus! Is This True?

When I first came across this book, it appeared to be yet another man's interpretation of Jesus, his life and works. Nothing great about it eh? Philosophy and religion in general - and the life and work of a superior force in mortal personification in particular - are always open to personal reflections and interpretations. I didn't even bother to note who is selling this book since he doesn't happen to be the author. However, the author's name did ring a bell.

book on Jesus and his workJesus: The Man And His Work is (claimed to be) a little known book first written and published by Wallace Delois Wattles. Mr. Wattles was born in Illinois, United States in 1860. He had a rather difficult early life like most people during the American Civil War and in his 20s he was working as a farm laborer. Later in his life Mr. Wattles got interested in philosophy and different religious thoughts of the world. The turning point came when he got associated with the school of New Thought based in Chicago.

Now for the interested ones...The New Thought movement began in the US in the 19th century and continues till today. The subscribers of this school of thought believe in supreme sovereignty of God, spirit as the essence of all reality, divine thought as the force of good, mind as the birthplace of all ailments and therapeutic effect of right thinking. Mr. Wattles discovered and defined some of the basic principles of New Thought and his books were very popular in the New Thought movement. His best known work is The Science Of Getting Rich. His principles and methods must have worked, for despite always living a very hard life he died as a prosperous man.

Jesus: The Man And His Work is a book based on a lecture he delivered in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1905. The book is quite intriguing in terms of both its content and treatment. The book does not add or take away anything earth-shaking from what we've always known and believed about Jesus. But it does lend some very interesting twists to how we understand Jesus and what he said or did. It won't make you question your faith, but it would definitely help you refine your wisdom. Interested? Go here!

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