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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Optimize A Website For Top SE Position

book on search engine optimizationOptimizing a website for top search engine position is the biggest dream and nightmare for any website owner. While it is relatively hassle-free to put a website together, making it appear on the revered Google, Yahoo and MSN searches can be hugely frustrating. So who do you turn to? You can look up for free advice littered all over the web. Some of it is quite useful, but mostly you find an article that addresses a particular issue and says nothing about its overall implications. Many a times a smart solution for a small problem can trigger an avalanche of huge problems in terms of how the SE crawlers start looking at your site. Losing your Google cache because of one harmless looking snippet of html can make you lose weeks of search result rankings or sink your website for good.

Be weary of advice in bits and pieces. A guy hits upon a smart idea that seems to work. He paints the whole web and blog world red with his discovery. Huge amount of back-links pour in. Hundreds of people try it out. Then a few start coming in with reports of getting error messages, slipping SE position, template malfunctions and suddenly the good guy is no longer there acknowledging applauds and thank yous. He disappears and your weeks or months of effort goes down the drain. It is always better to seek advice from someone who has a complete picture and can guide you in terms of SE position from start to finish. Unfortunately, like all professional advice this does not come free. If you are serious about getting your website to the top SE position, SEO Mindset is for you.

Here is what SEO Mindset helps you do:

  • Understand various search engines and their ranking factors (this is one thing most website owners are least informed about at their own peril)
  • Create a SEO Master Plan and SEO Goal Setting
  • Comprehensive keyword search and analysis including competition analysis
  • Generate new or modifying existing website content to make it keyword rich at the right density
  • Create SE friendly site architecture
  • SEO of individual pages
  • Demystify link-building and explain the dos and don'ts
  • Find potential link partners and create link worth content
  • Create and track your promotional campaigns

In short, SEO Mindset provides the complete package to optimize a website for top SE position. If your website rankings mean a dime to you, you must check it out. Go here!

search engine opitizing systemNow in case you find explanations and directions a bit tedious to follow (I do!), try SEO Elite. This is a neat, pathbreaking automated system that guides you step-by-step as you unlock the full SE potential of your website. Check it out!

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